Hello everyone,

I’m reaching out on behalf of the Division of Public Health because your business or organization has been identified as having frontline essential workers. We have vaccination opportunities this weekend at the Dover International Speedway. This vaccination event is limited to individuals who live or work in the state of Delaware, and specifically those who are working in-person. Individuals exclusively working from home are not eligible for this event. Please share with employees who meet this criteria.

With carful consideration, the upcoming General Membership meeting has been postponed. Saftey and wellbeing of our memberships and their families is first and foremost! The next Mmebership meeting will be in June and we could possibly have it outside.


We are working with the company on the extension of the WFH agreement.

We are asking the techs, that if anyone wants to question you on your productivity that you request a shop steward

DSP 911/Civillian

There are a few grievances that we continue to fight with the state to get through. If you have any questions in regards to these, please contact your Shop Steward.

Home Garaging has been extended until 1-31-2021

To all CWA members and candidates of Local 13101.
We the election committee of CWA local 13101 do not endorse ,promote or support any candidates that’s running for office or position , we the committee 
are neutral our purpose is to run a fair campaign for all members and candidates of our local . Your vote is your right and your choice of candidates. Thank you for your participation in our election.
                The election committee.

State of Delaware DSP and Civilians

-We are still working on the SOP on forced overtime 

-The workforce is still down and in large numbers, we have been in contact with the HR department to try to help out with referring people

State of Delaware DHSS