CWA Local 13101

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CWA LOCAL 13101 BARGAINING REPORT #1 Kent County Levy Court

Your CWA Local 13101 bargaining council met with Kent County to negotiate a successor agreement for the one which expires on 12/31/19.

CWA Local 13101 11-6-19  hotline update;

Verizon bargaining unit;

There was a recent arbitration decision found in Verizon’s favor regarding the last section of 5G placement. The arbitrator ruled that the work can be given to contractors and that even the placement of a rate demarcation point was unnecessary. 

There are grievances regarding the assignment of work as well as the inability of management being able to follow call out procedures. 

Local Update;

DHSS Unit:

The request for early bargaining along with an information request was sent in September to state officials in order to begin the compensation bargaining. The passage of SB8 allows this crucial element of bargaining to occur. SB8 was a high priority for organized labor in Delaware for over a decade, and we can be proud that we were part of the team that achieved this outstanding accomplishment for union represented public sector workers.

Verizon recently “updated” our voicemail system without any notifications being sent to this Local. 

There were voicemails, that were saved for various reasons, that have been lost and the process of rebuilding the sub mailboxes took much longer than it should have. There was  conflicting information provided by the service provider to various officers attempting to get the system back on line.

The sub mailboxes have been restored and the HOTLINE is being worked on.