CWA Local 13101

Recent News

We have created an email address for Delaware State police 911dispatchers and Civilians to voice there concerns on things that they feel need to be addressed in upcoming bargaining. If you are part of these bargaining unties please feel free to voice your concerns. You can find the link below.

Tell Congress: It’s Time for a Fair and Functioning Democracy

Local 13101 members,

Corporate CEOs and the wealthiest 1% have spent decades rigging the system to reduce our power. That has made it harder and harder to pass legislation that helps working people and makes a real difference in our lives.

CWA 13101 is looking for an individual to travel around the state and help us organize. As many of you are aware Union membership is on the decline in recent years and with that we are looking for some one that wants to help us grow. The select individual would need to travel around the state to different locations such as hotels, casinos, VZ wireless, state and government offices.