State of Delaware DSP and Civilians

-We are still working on the SOP on forced overtime 

-The workforce is still down and in large numbers, we have been in contact with the HR department to try to help out with referring people

State of Delaware DHSS

-The state has passed a proposal to start the process of returning into clients homes. The proposals addresses safety concern for Covid 19, if anyone has any issues please contact a shop steward immediately.

Verizon and VCS

-The company has extended the leave for Covid for an additional 26 weeks. We are still working on the detail and will post as they are available.

-We are still trying to work out a deal for the extension of Home Garaging and Work from Home, we hope to have it finished by the end of the week.

Kent County Waste Water

-We have reached a settlement for the grievance for the declared “Special Holiday” call your shop steward for details.


-All is well, Martin is happy!